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Greetings, amigos!

We are ecstatic that you wish to communicate with Seor Mason Tacos. We appreciate your inquiries, recommendations, or sentiments regarding tacos. Your input is highly valued (as are your taste senses)! The following are the methods by which you may communicate with us:

Information for General Concerns: [email protected]

Have an urgent inquiry or simply wish to discuss tacos? You can expect a response to your inquiry before you can even say “guacamole.”

The snail mail Pay us a visit or deliver a postcard:

TACO123 Señor Mason Tacos is located at 123 Taco Street, Cityville, United States.

Anachronically, we would be honored to receive your reaction. When in the vicinity, please do not hesitate to visit.

Activities’ Hours

While our virtual taco stand remains operational for the most part, we, too, occasionally require a siesta.

Friday through Monday, 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday through Sunday: Not open (even tacos require a day off!).

We strive to taco’bout whatever’s on your mind and sincerely appreciate your understanding.

We appreciate your selection of Seor Mason Tacos, an establishment that celebrates fiestas daily.